Today President Barack Obama endorsed Mayor Mitch Landrieu for re-election, applauding his efforts uniting New Orleans and progress moving the city forward.

President Obama said, "New Orleans has always been a city of bold, resilient forward-looking people who believe in a brighter future and are committed to doing their part to shape it. Over the last four years, no one has embodied those values better than Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Mitch has been a fierce advocate for the people of New Orleans, helping create jobs, reduce crime, improve our children's schools and rebuild hard-hit communities. Today, with the city poised for even more progress, there is no question that Mitch has earned a second term as mayor – and I hope the people of New Orleans will give him one."

"It is an honor to receive President Obama's endorsement. Through thick and thin, he has been a true friend to the people of New Orleans, and with his help New Orleans is on the right path," Mayor Landrieu said. "In the last four years our city has come together like never before. You can feel the change. We are moving in the right direction as one city with one voice. By finding common ground, New Orleans has made great progress. There is much more to do together, and I look forward to working with the President as we make New Orleans the city we always wanted it to be."